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About Music

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It all started with the music in the Bronx. Producer Ty Max is known for grooming Faith Evans to become a successful artist. To date there are un-released archives.
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JT MAX is the sister company to Bbe and HHHOF. CEO James Thompson of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame franchise is set to release rare documentaries before the opening of the museum.

About Film

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Bishop Noel Jones and President Bill Clinton share a laugh during a service. The two have been friends for years… Stay posted for rare productions from Bbe and 2AT Media…
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12 TV Commercials including ChapStick™ Converse Sneakers™ Bounty™, 7up™ with Sugar Ray Leonard, and 3 movies is what Tyrone accomplished prior to diving into the music scene…1 year later he meant Faith Evans and groomed a super star.

About Fashion

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A few summers ago Tyrone Holmes was introduced to Thomas Zeumer. The team has since inspired a lot of up and coming models, and exposed them to opportunities that had been out of reach for far too long… With COVID-19, the companies are going 80% digital.
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The Urban Anchorman concept came into light during the gentrification of 125th street in Harlem, New York. The documentary " Off 125th Street " preview available only on 2AT Media™.
Recently as in just a few years ago the hit single debuted at #9 on the Billboard charts and went to number #2 on the Top Singles Billboard. The story around the release of the single, the development of his mothers church and the joint ventures with multiple companies, will make you reconsider, just how good you may have it…


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